Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Altoona, IA - Refrigerator Saga 1

Well, I said that I was going to give the blog a rest but I left it just as we were trying to get a new refrigerator into our RV. And it's too good a story and I have cool pictures of what we did so I'm continuing with the refrigerator saga.

We needed one that was <69” tall which limited us quite a bit. I went on line and checked the applioance manufacturers that I knew of: GE, LG, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag, Samsung (which lots of others with RV’s have used to replace their old refrigerator and found: Whirlpool had 3. So, we have a new Whirlpool coming - in 14 days.
Gary worked hard to get ready for the new refrigerator. He took all the drawers out of the kitchen so he could re-route the porpane tube in back of the old refrigerator. We wanted it to come into the living room so we could eventually install a propane heater.
Not only did he find the propane tubing, he found lots of wiring. Seems that Winebago makes a wiring harness for the largest size of RV and then installs it in smaller ones. We must have the wiring for a 45’ RV and we’re just a 34’ RV.
Drawers all over the house.
And, stuff all over my kitchen counter.
Gary has spent so much time in the old refrigerator niche that we’ve begun to call it the ‘Man Cave.’ Here’s he’s covered the two refrigerator vent holes which he can use for entry to the new refirgerator.
He works on taking the driver’s side window out. Here he is prying the putty between the window and the frame loose. Tough putty. Commercial grade putty. But, it worked, we never had a leak.
And, the window is out.
We unbolt the driver’s and passenger’e seats. Gotta get them out of the way. Not a lot of place to put them in an RV - how about in the middle of the floor.
Gary’s a neat guy - well, maybe he just wants to know where each of these screws goes when he tries to put them back in. But, who said he could use my deviled egg carrier to do it?
I’ve lived with him too long. I put the chair bolts on a paper towel and labeled them in blue ink: here are the passenger bolts.
On the other hand, we’ve put new states and provinces on our RV map.
We’ve washed and waxed the RV so that the sun shines and reflects off the side.
And, we’ve enjoyed the beautiful Iowa sunsets.

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