Monday, May 19, 2014

Forks, WA - Bad Turn

We drove on to Forks, WA today. Of course, not after a stop at the Cottage Bakery in Long Beach. We had scouted this out a few days ago and saw a huge case of cookies and bars, a case of donuts and a case of danish. Oh, yeah,there was lots of bread and they made huge deli sandwiches. I got the figure 8 danish, Gary got the chocolate long john and the strawberry cream cheese danish. Thus fortified, we carried on.

The journey was uneventful until we decided to turn down to Ruby Beach to see the shore. As soon as we got in, we realized that we had made a mistake. A narrow road turning to a dirt road filled with potholes and no sure place that we could see to turn around. Oops. We tried to turn but our turning radius, while good, was not good enough to get around this circle and miss that cement picnic table. Gary tried to lift it but it is solid cement. No one is ever going to steal that picnic table to take home.

But, we unhooked the Jeep, got the Journey turned, hooked back up and we were on our way.
Oh, yeah, we didn’t forget to visit Ruby Beach. Beautiful with neat sea stacks.
And we could see the lighthouse on the island in the distance.

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