Saturday, July 23, 2016

Palmer, AK - Hiking in the Rain

After our tour we took a hike up to a glacial lake high above the mine. As we were dressing for our hike we saw someone carry a paddle board up the trail. Huh? We put on our raincoats for this one. Not our rain pants or waterproof hiking boots. Nah, we left those in the car. And, how smart are we? Don’t answer that ! ! !

Of course, after we toured the mine, we hiked up the trail to the lake above. There are lots of trails in this park along with the historical mine but we don’t have time for all of them. Besides, how far can we hike in the rain? Take a close look at our pants - they are soaked through and through.

Along the way we passed by this house.
where Dorothy Lynch lived.
The house was made out of wood but, probably the first winter, they realized that they needed more insulation. Here is what they put on the outside of the house.
But it was a cool hike. Eerie almost in the fog. We couldn’t see where we had started, we couldn’t see where we wanted to end. The fog closed in and we could hardly see the mine buildings.
At the top we found several dozen others who had made this climb in the rain. Oh, good, we’re not the only crazy ones. Whew. The lake was surrounded in fog.
Hey, there’s that paddle board, just waiting.
And then we saw this magical sight. How cool. Someone fulfilling a basket list item.
We were getting ready to hike down when we saw a plastic container stuffed in a dirty hole in the ground. Lid was broken and it looked like some trash and a few protein bars inside. Who left this trash? We looked around, no one seemed to be coming over to tell us that it was theirs. We waited a bit but no one claimed it so we did as we often do, we put this trash into our pack and headed back down the trail.

BIG MISTAKE - read tomorrow’s blog.

Are we wet or what?

And, my socks and shoes and feet are soaked. Where are my rain pants and my waterproof boots? Hmmm. Lesson learned. Next time we hike in the rain - we’ll gear up.

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