Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Medora, ND - Beef Packing Plant

After we visited the Chareau de Mores, we headed on down the hill to where his beef packing plant was. The Marquis could see it from his home on the hill. Nothing is left but the chimney now but it was quite big at the time.
Here is the outline of the slaughter house.
It was right next to the railroad tracks.
The ruins of the packing round out the unfulfilled dream of the Marquis. Grand idea, poor execution and he was done in by Mother Nature.
We then walked through town where we saw ond of the hotels that you could stay in while you were here. All done up in prairie western style.
The Catholic Church which the Marquise built.
Then out to the Park again. Lots of wild horses and we even saw a lone bison foraging for food. We were with a family - 2 adults and 4 kids. We were pretty high up on a steep ledge looking down on the bison when the father though he was too close and moved back considerably. The kids stayed with us. He was a long ways away and he cared more about food than us. In fact, you can tell we were quite a distance from this bison by the quality of this picture. I had to zoom in so far that it is blurry.
But we were out here to see the sun set on the Badland hills.
Back to the RV. Quite a day.

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