Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Watson Lake, YT - Sign Post Forest

Well, we’ve left Dawson City, spent a night in the Walmart in Whitehorse along with about 25 other RV’s and are now in Watson Lake, another stop on our route back to Iowa. Here is the famous Sign Post Forest. Started in 1942 by Carl Lindley, a US Army soldier who was working on the construction of the Alaska Highway, it now has over 82,000 signs. He was spending time in Watson Lake recovering from an injury. A commanding officer asked him to repair and erect the directional signposts and he added a sign indicating the direction and mileage to his home town in Illinois. In 1990 a couple from Ohio added the 10,000th sign and it has been growing since.

We had our sign ready - our license plate from South Dakota that we had changed a few weeks ago.
The Watson City Visitors Center has a sign post all its own telling us how many signs are up.
And, here’s a picture down one of the rows of the forest.
I’ve got our sign ready for locating. Where or where? We scoured the park and found few places that could take a sign.
Finally we found a place: one sign that had 5” above it and 3” below. Gary went back to the RV to get some tools and some screws to repair the sign since it was coming off the posts. After he rearranged two signs and strengthened one, he put ours up.

Meanwhile I looked around to see the signs in our neighborhood. Hey, look, there’s one from Iowa. Hey, it’s from Webster County where we lived. Oh, funny. Our best friends who had come to Alaska last summer had a sign two posts over. What are the chances of that? Gary’s pointing at ours, I’m pointing at theirs.
Lots of other types of signs here. Lots of other countries represented.



Here’s our campground. Pretty basic but it has what we need: a pull-through space, good hook-ups and within walking distance of the Signpost Park.
Loved the flowers at the Visitor Center. I thought this would be a nice ending.

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