Friday, December 2, 2016

Mesa, AZ - Walk the Canal? Nah, Let's Hike!

OK, we usually walk along the canals around here when we’re not hiking the trails. But, it’s Sunday, the weather is going to get cooler so let’s hike a trail. Much more fun than canal walking. We didn’t want a long trail since we didn’t want to spend all day doing this so we did one that we’e done already this winter. But, this time - we mixed it up - we went counter-clockwise. Now, usually we do this trail as the first one we do when we arrive in Mesa, out of hiking shape with wobbly knees and weak legs. We go clockwise because the up’s are gradual. But, counter-clockwise, the up’s are pretty straight up. We can do that now, we’ve got our hiking legs back.

Amazing how the views change when you go the opposite way. One one side we could see downtown Phoenix.
And, of the other side we could see the Superstition Mountains.
Note how the clouds roll across the mountains.


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