Thursday, January 5, 2017

Palm Springs, CA - Donut Topped Ice Cream Sundaes

This morning we woke up with 523 e-mails. That is not a misprint - 523. My goal after breakfast was to whittle that down as much as I could and I hoped to get under 70. That’s still a lot of e-mails to have in our queue but, I thought it a realistic goal.

What happened was two-fold. First, our computers could not get e-mail over the camp wi-fi at Val Vista where we have been for the last 2 1/2 months. We could get online but we could not get e-mails. I asked why at the computer club in the park and was told that their ‘free’ wi-fi was terrible. No solution but to get closer to the towers. Just what I want to do: sit under a tower with my laptop.

Secondly, we’ve been pretty busy with some other things - repairs to the RV (which entailed a lot of e-mails themselves as we tried to find solutions) and looking at park models to buy. Suffice it to say - we let the e-mails go.

And, they piled up. Today was the day.

I tossed a lot. I answered some. I flagged many as Gary’s to do with as he wished (my favorite way to get rid of e-mails.)
Finally about 2:15, we had only 14 in our queue. Yep, that’s 14. In my wildest dreams, I didn’t think we’d do that well.

Sometimes, you can see the strangest things on line. Usually it’s about people doing strange things. But yesterday, I saw a story about DONUT SUNDAES. Nope, I’m not kidding, DONUT SUNDAES. Here are the pictures of these artistic delights.
Let’e see: ice cream on the bottom, frosted animal crackers next, sprinkles, two donuts, frosting, ice cream in the center of the donuts and topped off with more sprinkles. Imagine that. Then try to imagine the sit-ups and crunches you’ll have to do to get rid of all that. Gary says that in his recipe, caramel and fudge sauces would be drizzled down the side. Must be a guy.

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