Monday, February 6, 2017

San Diego, CA - On the Beach

Ah, if it’s San Diego, it’s the beach and we walk along it as often as we can. That’s one of the great benefits of this campground - it’s right on Mission Bay and about 5 minutes by car from Pacific Beach. We like walking on a weekend because all the ‘tourists’ are here. Some of them come in fancy cars. The guy who drove up in this one sure got a crowd.
I’ll admit that it wasn’t warm this day but I didn’t think it was this cold. I think she’s giving me the evil eye.
There’s the beach, a sea wall, a wide sidewalk, big enough for skateboarders, bikers, strollers and walkers and then the homes that line the beach. Many of them are rentals and there are tons of young people here. Here’s an example - note that every floor has a balcony and windows on the beach. I think that the owner of the orange home want to see it from the water.
We were surprised to see that the Hare Krishna’s were still around. We heard a lot about them in the 60’s but nothing recently. Nope, they are still around.
There was a regatta out beyond the breakers. So colorful with their spinnakers out.



We ended up with a cup of ice cream.
Sun, warmth, breeze, ice cream. Hmmm. Can’t be beat.

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