Sunday, February 26, 2017

San Diego, CA - Refrigerators

Quite a few years ago we went to Arches National Park in Utah where we signed up for the Fiery Furnace Tour, a real basic introduction to rock climbing techniques. Really basic. Really, really basic. On this tour we met a couple from Belgium, Danny and Marlene. The Fiery Furnace is a hike through a maze of red rocks with a few challenges thrown in. We head into the rocks.
Here’s one. You have to maneuver between these two boulders with nothing to stand on. Here’s Gary strutting his stuff.
Here’s Marlene coming through a narrow slot with the ranger watching over us all. How did he do that?
There were other challenges but the hike was great fun and we had a good group. Actually, we are returning to Arches National Park this summer and hope to do the hike again. Here we are at the end of the hike. (My, someone really had lots of fun cutting our hair, didn’t they?)
And, here are Marlene and Danny.
Here is a current picture of them with their first granddaughter. (That's got to be a Belgian Disneyworld in the background.)
We’ve kept in touch with them throughout the years and, now that she’s retired, Marlene has been reading my blog. She read our blog about our new house in Mesa and commented on our refrigerator. ‘Only in America could refrigerators be so big.’ So, I challenged her: send me a picture of your refrigerator and I’ll make it a star - in my blog. So, for comparison, here is the refrigerator in the home we’ve just bought but don’t move into until early October. Big and, really, much bigger than we need. We’re only two here.
And, here is hers. Now, first, I’m really impressed with her home. Great view, cool dining room light, nice cupboard. But, check out this refrigerator and how it matches the cabinetry. Nice. And, sure enough, it is smaller than ours. Then she happened to tell me that they have 2 of them. Aha. changes the equation. They live in a village where there are no grocery stores so they need more room to store groceries between visits.
And, that’s a comparison of two refrigerators. My, isn’t that an exciting topic for a blog? I must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel to use this topic to fill a blog day. But, it gave me a chance to review old pictures and enjoy them again. We hope to get to Belgium some day soon and hope that Danny and Marlene can visit us in our new home. I want to give them a reason to visit America again.


  1. Hi, Marleen, Here's your refrigerator as a star in my blog. Nice picture of you and Danny with your granddaughter. Testing how to make comments here.

  2. I made that comment as Nancy Ferguson, I'll make this comment as 'Anonymous' to see how that goes.