Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mesa, AZ - Just a Little Frustrated

Hmm. As I mentioned before, I've had a lot of trouble posting to my blog and finally gave up. I had 10 blogs ready to go but couldn't get them posted on line at all. We've been in contact with the publisher of the program in which I write my blogs and they have done some work on them but to no avail. I've tried and tried to publish, every time they say it's fixed but - no go.

In the meantime, we're here in Mesa, AZ where we will be until 1/1/2017 (our anniversary also) when we begin to move on to California. And, by design, life is boring here. We've been moving pretty fast for the last year from Mesa to California up to Alaska, back down to Iowa and now back to Mesa. We had thought we'd have some time to 'relax' (what's this?) in Iowa but got caught up in the refrigerator replacement, some engine problems in the RV, some home maintenance projects for my brother in Fort Dodge and - oh, my - where did the time go?

Did we have enough time to spend with Cathy and Tom? NOPE.

Did we have enough time to spend with my brother, other than home maintenance projects? NOPE.

Did we have enough time to spend with Shirley and Jerry who are now traveling in Texas. NOPE.

Did we have enough time to RELAX. Are you kidding?

So here we are in Mesa. Trying to relax.

Iowa was just way too busy to spend time trying to figure out what went wrong with the blogs and I decided to wait until we got to Mesa. And, here were are and I've got a procedure.

So, we've figured our a new way to get my blogs published. A work-around and let's see how it works. I've got 10 blogs that I'm going to publish soon to see how it goes. So, just to confuse everyone, I've put out 18 new blogs about our time in Iowa starting with October 8,  Lunch With the Sibs and in Mesa, AZ where we arrived in late October. I had lots of catching up to.

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