Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mesa, AZ - 'FREE' wi-fi

Lots of RV parks and resorts advertise that they have ‘FREE’ wifi. 

Don’t you believe it. They might offer it but can you receive it? Ah, there’s the problem. You can get it if you sit on their front porch, the moon is full and avocados are in season. Otherwise 


Actually last year we got pretty good wi-fi when we first got here in early October. But it slowly faded as others started arriving in November and December. This year, we’re in a new space, around the corner from our old space and our wi-fi is abyssmal. Here’s Gary on the hunt for some wi-fi. First he tried sitting on the sidewalk on the corner but his butt began to hurt so he’s now trying on a house that is empty now and, sure enough, he’s close enough to get it. Our old spot is where the RV with the green stripe is now. 

In the afternoon, we headed over to the regional library. Lots of updates and we don’t want to use up all our wi-fi. Beautiful view out the windows to the lake. Here is the view over the lake towards the library. 

We walked afterwards around this area. This is more towards the outskirts of town and there are lots of ranches. Everyone had horses, pigs, chickens, goats. You name it, we saw it on our walk. Here is Gary showing his animal magnetism. 

'A hand that ain't there when you need it is kind of like a blister - it only shows up when the work's all done.'

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