Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mesa, AZ - Walkin' Around

So, here we are in Mesa, AZ. We have some projects to do, some relaxing to do and, oh, yeah even more projects. We’re 2 First-Born, Type A’s, you know, we don’t know how to relax. Well, we can relax a bit but I find I relax better with some crossword puzzles or a book to read to - something to do while I’m relaxing so I can feel as if I’ve accomplished something. Sounds like a personal problem and, luckily, I’m married to a guy with the same personality problem. Some might call it a personality disorder but, come on, it’s just a small problem.

But, sometimes we get out. Mostly we walk around here: up the canal and back through the neighborhood, or up through the neighborhood and back down the canal. Actually, we’ve kind of devised several different walks around here that will give us the mileage we want but also a little variety. Some days, we find our selves someplace else and we walk around there. Like the day we walked around the library and found all the cool little ranches with the animals. 

Today we wanted to find a coffee maker to replace the one we had and found ourselves up near what Mesa calls the Riverwalk and park. So, it drew us like a magnet and we walked around there. It was a weekend day so there were lots of people out and about, enjoying family time.

Remember when playgrounds had a jungle jim, some swings, a slide or two, a teeter-totter and maybe a small merry go-round. On dirt or sand or, if you were lucky, on grass. Nothing fancy but lots of fun. 

Well, things have changed - a lot. 

We found this play area with several types of climbing ropes. You can climb up he dangling ropes, you can climb across the top of the metal structure where there are more ropes and, if you fall, the material on the ground is pretty bouncy. We even saw one father up on the top, showing his kids how to maneuver around the ropes. 

Then we found this structure for those who wanted a greater challenge.

Looks like there’s a traffic jam in the middle here. 

What fun. We wandered further and saw the Cubs training facility. Boy, I’ll bet their games are really crowded this year. 

Interestingly, our walk also took us around the mall. What a surprise. There’s gotta be retail everywhere. But a fun walk.

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