Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mesa, AZ - Refrigerator Saga Part 4

Yep, the refrigerator saga continues. If you want the beginnings, check our previous blogs. Refrigerator Sagas 1, 2 & 3 are in September and October. We’ve had a strange smell in our refrigerator for a while. Most of it has dissipated but every now and then I catch a lingering whiff. But the refrigerator worked, the smell was less and we know we’d have trouble getting a tech in to look at it. 

Now we’ve noticed that our food is not as cold as it should be. The temp in the refrigerator is higher than it should be and the refrigerator runs lots more than it should. Finally, Gary emptied our freezer and we noticed that the back wall was covered in ice. In a self-defrosting refrigerator. He then took off the back panel and we couldn’t see the motor and fins in back. They were encased in ice. This is not looking good. 

He called the two service shops in town that I had called last month when the smell began and left messages for them to call back. Finally he called Justin from A Better Appliance Repair, LLC. He said he’d come Thursday, Nov 17. 
I hope our food can hold out. (His business card says: ‘Practice Honesty and Integrity.’ Hmmm, I hope he gets better at his Honesty and Integrity than I ever got when I practiced the piano.)

It’s Thursday and here is what the fins look like now. 

A close up.

He got here right at the time he said he would. Good sign. He went right to work, found the problem, called for parts, told us the cost and, when we ok’d the cost, he went to get them. First he had to ‘defrost’ the fins - with the handy dandy hair dryer which is one of his trusty tools. Every appliance repairman needs a hair dryer. 

Here’s what the fins look like when he gets done 

The he checked the control board. Look closely, at the bottom, under the FSP, can you see the those two burned things? Let’s see - how old is this refrigerator?  

He installed the new parts and our refrigerator began to get cold. Whew. 

He guarantees his work and parts for a year. Good man. He looks all of 23 years old. But he is a one man shop, is very business like, has deals with this before and went right to work. I’d recommend. him. 

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