Monday, October 3, 2016

Altoona, IA - In a Snit

I am having lots of trouble lately trying to get my blogs published. Somehow my software is not speaking to Google. Must be in some kind of snit, I suppose. I do have a blog of my favorite photos from Alaska and one on my favorite place in Alaska. And, I'm working on a blog comparing cinnamon rolls on the Alaska Highway. But, until we find some time to work on this, I'll just have to continue to type and publish when we get it figured out.

Meanwhile, we've got a trip to Fort Dodge to help my brother with his bathroom plumbing and to check into his Medicare options since he turns 65 in February. Great news. Although, neither of us ever expected to be 65. And, here I am at 70 - whoever expected that? Not something I thought about when I was 17.

Then we need to get our RV in for some annual maintenance, like oil and such forth. We want to get it done her since the Freightliner Service Center is only 5 miles away on a back road, and in Phoenix, it's across town - a long ways away on a busy highway.

Gary's also working on the driver's side window. When we took it off, we had to pry it loose from the sticky tape that they used to get it in - the tape that keeps the window from leaking. We have some new tape on the way from Winnebago and can get to that later.

We're also compiling all our paperwork from the refrigerator replacement to send to Good Sam so we can get some money back on our insurance.

We also are going back to Good Sam for compensation for our fan hub replacement back in late May for which we paid it all. They rejected it then since it was a re-designed part and not the original part that we replaced. Well, the company is not making the old part any more because it failed too often (witness our problems) and they only use the new re-designed part. Good Sam says - they will pay for an 'original' part not a 're-designed' part. But we can't get the original part anymore, we can only get the re-designed part. Come on guys, we've paid our insurance premiums in good faith for years.

So, life moves on but our software isn't. Oh, well.

By the way, the new refrigerator works like a dream and I'm working to fill it.

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