Monday, October 24, 2016

Mesa, AZ - Cruisin' Down the Rim

Yesterday we cruised down to Mesa from Holbrook along one of our favorite highways. We are on the Mogollon Rim and in the forest. 

Lots of people from the Phoenix area in the hot valley come up here for the summer. We can certainly see why. Tall trees, green grass, cool temperatures. 

Then the highway curves, winds and swirls down along side the rim to the valley below. 

We arrived at Val Vista, checked in, parked, unpacked and here we are for 2 months. Whew. 

The next morning we awoke and it was light out already. Well, it’s really Pacific Daylight time here since AZ doesn’t observe Mountain Daylight time. Confusing? It sure is, We had to change our watches twice yesterday to account for the 2-hour difference between New Mexico Daylight time and Arizona regular time. 

Nice leisurely beakfast - about time. We watched our neighbors pack up and leave. Ahhh, we get to stay for a while. 2 months + 8 days. Whoo-eee. What a thrill. We have projects but we can also spend some time relaxing. We did get to relax a bit in Iowa but we always had the little refrigerator cloud looming over our heads. 

I went up to pay and stood in like with all the others who had arrived over the weekend but the line moved fast when the Mgr of the Service desk came out. Oops, I forgot to take a check in - they will take the deposit in credit card but not the payment. I also checked the library and brough back 3 books and saw a few others I might like to try. 

Then the fun began. I cleaned the front of the RV while Gary emptied the car of all the stuff he brought from the storage unit that he wants to scan this winter.

'There's never a shortage of good horse sense. Of course, it's mostly the horses that have it.'

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