Friday, October 14, 2016

Altoona, IA - Living in the Back Lot

Today we drove the RV over to Clive, IA to Kinman Glass for our new windshield. We dropped it off, headed over to HY Vee to stall for time since we were meeting Tom & Cathy at 9:30 for breakfast. We got some of our errands done: I bought 3 sympathy cards for some family funerals, we got out flu shots and dropped off the bottles that we didn’t think we’d ever get rid of. Luckily, we were able to use the bottle money on the cards. We then had some coffee and a roll. That was breakfast #1.

Then breakfast #2 - with Cathy and Tom. We had been to this restaurant before but then we had been once when it had just closed. The ketchup and mustard were still on the table, the menues were on the counter. Looked like they had just closed for the day or so. But, C&T tell us that it reopened after about 2 weeks and they’ve been open since. Good breakfast, nice thick toast, good hashbrowns with crispy on the outside and potatoey on the inside. The eggs - just plain eggs. But the conversation was super.

Afterwards, we headed over to the West Des Moines library - our old haunt. Whenever we needed a lot of data and didn't want to use up our Verizon data, we used to head over to the library. They even had ethernet for FAS-S-ST downloads. Worked there for a while. I worked on trip planning. We headed back to Kinman about 4:00 to talk with the tech. He showed us a piece of ‘caulk-rubber’ that he had taken out with lots of rust on it. He said it was barely holding on and that the crack came from a bit of rust. That is a known problem with Winnebago RV’s and he had dealt with it before. He also showed us the box of a larger windshield that they had just put in - we're not the only ones that need windshield replacement. 

Then we did our daily walk - 4 miles through Urbandale. Nice walk except for the part along 100th street which is a busy retail street with cars racing home for dinner. We hit some neighborhoods though and enjoyed walking through the houses there. Back at the RV, we had dinner and cosied into the back lot at Kinman. 

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