Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Altoona, IA - Big Leak

Started out fine. Got up at 6:30, Gary went right to the utilities and unhooked them to get us ready to roll down the highway to Freightliner for a service appointment. Nothing big, just some annual maintenance - oil, lube, check liquids, that sort of thing. We delivered the RV, and headed off to the Ankeny library, our favorite place. I got into their CD collection and found lots of songs that we didn’t have. I also worked on our travel planning. Since we decided that we wanted to have 2 months in Iowa next summer, I need to shorten our trip from what it is now. 

A bit of national news: the flooding from Hurricane Matthew is taking a heavy toll on North Carolina. It tore roads apart in Florida, destroyed homes in Georgia but the greatest flooding is in North Carolina. More people have died there than in any other state. 

Freightliner called at 1:30. Good news - they were done with the service. Bad news - they found a leak and it will take another day and about $1000 to fix it. How can this keep on happening to us? This has been an amazing year for problems with the RV. 

OK, back to Freightliner. OH, shucks. Well, they called Good Sam’s who asked if this was part of the refrigerator problem. Nope. Was it part of the fan problem? Nope. A new problem. How many problems can we have this year?

Freightliner made an appointment for us for two days from today since we have an appointment for a new windshield tomorrow. They told us that we could drive about 10 miles to the glass installer and back and then to their facility on the next day. OK, will do.

We drove home and noticed a dripping all the way into our site. We looked at it and I went out into the circle and noted that the drip was all the way out. We then had lunch and afterward Gary went right to the drips to check on them and they were growing. Big drips. Just what the mechanic was talking about. Hmmm. I wonder. 

This drip was so big that it went from tire to tire under the RV. Gary called to cancel the windshield app’t since we surely can’t drive it tomorrow. Not until we get this fixed.

Here is the big leak several minutes after we got home. 

It wasn't too long before it looked like this. 

Yep, by the time it had ended, it had drained our coolant. Luckily we bought some at Freightliner so that we have some to put in for our trip the 3 miles back to Freightliner on Thursday. 

Then dinner. 

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