Thursday, October 13, 2016

Altoona, IA - Refrigerator Saga Part 3

We had breakfast, relaxed a bit then took the RV for a test drive to see if the repairs and maintenance that we just had done in Freightliner are OK. We drove about 20 miles and bought gas and propane for our winter trip on the way back to the campground. Funny, there is a strange smell in our RV. 

When we got situated back in the park, we first checked to see if the leak from the water pump in the engine had stopped it had. Then we checked on that smell. Hmmm. More noticeable in the back of the RV. Really noticeable by the refrigerator - our new refrigerator. Sure enough, we opened it up and - WHEW - an ugly odor. Not food. Nope, this was like plastic or wires burning. 

Gary then spent the afternoon trying to find out if he could see anything but no. We even took everything out of the freezer. And, tomorrow, we’ll take it our again so Gary can unscrew a panel in back - it’s yellowing a bit and I doubt that it came to us yellow. We’re sure it was white then. We think the smell is an electric problem: but the refrigerator works fine. It is keeping our food cold, the fan hums, we have ice. What is the matter? 

While Gary was working on it, I spend the afternoon trying to find out how we could get this repaired. I called Whirlpool, the manufacturer and got several names of authorized technicians. I called each and was told: ‘we won’t work on it unless it’s out of the RV.’ Finally I called Whirlpool back, was switched to their Specialized Division and was told it was company policy that refrigerators had to be out of the RV for their certified technicians to work on them. 

Well, we’re heading to Mesa, RV land - certainly there is a technician who will work in an RV. I finally called Mesa and found two people who would fix it in the RV. Looks like more hope there. 

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