Sunday, October 9, 2016

Altoona, IA - Ditching the Fridge

Home in Iowa means family. Today, that meant a breakfast with Cathy, Gary’s sister and her son, daughter-in-law and two daughtere. Tom. Cathy’s husband was up north with his brothers hunting and fishing. We had brunch at Perkins, where everyone can get what they want: breakfast or lunch. I hadn’t eaten at Perkins for a long time and a quick run-through of their menu shows that they have changed a lot from their meatloaf and mashed potato with gravy menu of previous years. 

Funny, I thought Andy and Bonnie had two cute little girls. Huh? Who are these two pretty young women that they brought with them today? Where did they ever get these two? And, what happened to those two cute little girls? Ah, just my age showing through.

I snapped a picture of the family in the lobby waiting for a table. 

We found another customer to get a picture of us all after we had eaten. 

We then headed back to the RV. We still had to put the drivers side window in for good. After we  had gotten the refrigerator in through that window, Gary had put the window in but not with any new putty/caulk and with only 4 of the 16 screws. He just didn’t have the time. And, today is a beautiful day and we’ve got to get that window in.

We got the window out and I worked on getting the goopy putty stuff off the window while Gary worked on the frame on the RV. Sticky and hard to get off. I had to brace the window up against the tree so it wouldn’t move while I was pushing it off. Then Gary put new putty on, 

I then stood inside while Gary lifted it up towards me and we got it into the right place, Gary scurried in and put in all 12 screws and then rushed out side to scrape off the putty that oozed out. Love seeing all of Gary’s tools out while he’s working . 

Beautiful Iowa evening with the sun shining on the fields. Gary says I've got long legs and, judging by this picture, he's right. 

We still have to get rid of the old refrigerator. We had paid to have it removed but I guess that the trucking company thought that 2 deliveries was equal to one delivery and one pick-up. They never picked it up and we knew it was our job. 

We put it into the back of the Jeep and hauled it to the landfill. 

When we got there, I looked around to see if there were any other RV refrigerators there. Sure enough, there was one in the back. Way off to the left in this picture - that’s an RV refrigerator with the black tubes on the back. We're not the only ones replacing an RV refrigerator with a regular residential one. 

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