Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lacona, NM - Into New Mexico

We woke up at 6:30 for an early start. Then Gary checked the weather. It’s 37 degrees but ‘feels like’ 30. Must be a bit of wind out there. It’s supposed to get up to the 80’s today in NM but we’re putting on sweatshirts, long sleeved shirts, thick socks and jeans now. Then we learned that ‘first light’ wasn’t until 7:30. Yep, we must be on the far western edge of the Midwest time zone. But soon, we’ll be in the mountain time zone, just over the border into NM. And, we’ll gain an hour. 

Ah, the colorful sculpted rocks of the desert. And, where you have a beautiful example of the beauty of nature, you often have a beautiful example of man's ability to turn it to a profit. 

We ate breakfast and began our closing tasks. I then decided that I needed to clean the windshield that had been splattered by insects when we drove in late afternoon yesterday. One grasshopper hopped wrong and found himself in a yellow goopy mess all over the front of our RV, 2 sq inches of yellow goopy mess. I looked over at the RV parked next to us and notice that the owner had also started washing his windshield. Maybe I’ve started a trend. But I was so glad that I had cleaned it since our view so so much better all day. 

Another uneventful trip through Texas in to New Mexico and then on past Albuquerque to a small town called Lacona. Why here? Well the price for a night with full hook-ups (50A) is - get this - $11.56, tax included. Whoo-eee. Our kind of price. And, that’s why lots of others are here. We got the 2nd of the 4 pull-throughs and hooked up the electricity, changed into shorts and headed over to the Dairy Queen for a blizzard. 

Then our walk. We took the trail from the Casino to the jr/sr high school, past this for a mile. At 1 1/2 mi, a guy driving by, stopped to ask if we had seen any mountain lions. Yeah, right. Mountain lions? Oh, boy. Yep, he told us that they were seen quite regularly in the area. We quickly finished our 2 miles, turned around and 4 miles later we settled in for the night.

'the quickest way to feel rich is to figure out what you can do without.'

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