Saturday, October 8, 2016

Altoona, IA - Lunch with the Sibs

Fun day today - we had lunch with Tom, Cathy and Dawn in Grinnell at the Prairie Chicken. Cathy had set the date with Dawn and asked if her house or the Amana Colonies were ok. Gary and I decided that 1/2 way for all would be better and we checked Yelp and found the Prairie Chicken in Grinnell, half way from Des Moines where Cathy, Tom, Gary and I live and to Swisher, IA where Dawn lives. 

Tom and Cathy picked us up and we headed on over. We met Dawn as she was arriving and we got in right away. Tom, Dawn's husband, was doing some painting and couldn’t come.

Gotta have a selfie. 

Here are the three sibs. Tom and I just come along to take the pictures.

Nice breakfast - pretty trendy. We all enjoyed the meals we had. But, the place was cold. Dawn lives in the eastern part of the state where the temps were still in the 80's. She wore shorts and a tank top. The restaurant and Des Moines are in the central part of the state, where a cold front had already passed through. We wore sweaters and jeans.  Luckily, she had a jacket she could put on.  

Afterwards we rounded the block for a coffee shop where we could talk some more. Left about 3:00 and came back. 

Lots of fun having us all together. We all get along so well. This is the one thing that we miss while we travel. Yes, I know, we can see everyone when we are in Iowa but that’s only for a month and we’re all so busy. I know - maybe we can get the others to travel too. 

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